Recreational Treatment Program for Mental Health & Substance Abuse for Adolescents & Teens in Utah

rec1Our residential treatment boarding school programs include an extensive recreational therapy program designed to help students have successful experiences through physical, cultural and social accomplishments. While at Youth Care in Utah, students learn to use their community as a resource. Students build self-esteem as they try new activities in our programs such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or indoor climbing. Recreation therapy programsĀ provide the students with the opportunity to learn problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, and trust.
rec2Our recreation program also includes service-based activities each week. During these times, students can be seen playing Bingo with the elderly or filling shelves at the food bank. Such community service programsĀ help students develop empathy for and an understanding of others. Additionally, while participating in recreational programs, students work on appropriate social skills, communications skills, coping skills and interpersonal skills as well as develop new talents. In our recreation program, students participate in structured recreational therapy as well as outdoor adventures and cultural experiences.

Our proximity to many and varied sites of historic, recreational and ecological significance, as well as Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and many performing art theaters allow a broad and interesting therapeutic environment. The Recreational Therapy program at Youth Care is overseen by a state and nationally licensed recreational therapist.

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