Oxycodone Abuse Detox Treatment Center & Rehab for Adolescents & Teens in Utah

Oxycodone is a powerful opioid that can be found within a number of different prescription pain medications, including Percocet and OxyContin. While this medication is very effective at providing pain relief to those who need it, it also possesses the potential for both abuse and addiction. When an adolescent or teen who has been prescribed a medication that contains oxycodone does not follow the directions of the prescribing physicians, they may be at risk for abusing and becoming dependent upon the drug.

As an adolescent or teen continues to abuse oxycodone, they may develop tolerance to it as their body gets used to the drug. This means that the adolescent or teen will feel the need to take greater quantities of oxycodone in order to experience the desired effect. Tolerance can put them at risk for many negative outcomes, including overdose.

Oxycodone dependence is also characterized by the presence of withdrawal symptoms, a series of painful experiences that occur when a person either tries to stop abusing oxycodone or is incapable of accessing the drug.

Although withdrawal symptoms are only temporary, they can quickly become overwhelming. Because an adolescent or teen cannot receive care in residential or outpatient rehab while they are still abusing oxycodone, withdrawal can prevent them from getting necessary treatment.

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What Happens During Oxycodone Withdrawal

Withdrawal occurs when the body has an absence of oxycodone after having adapted to the presence of this drug. The specifics of oxycodone withdrawal may vary from person to person, but the following are among the many physical and psychological symptoms that may develop:

  • Anxiety
  • Shakiness
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Extreme cravings
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation

Since withdrawal symptoms can be so incredibly uncomfortable and painful, many adolescents or teens may quickly resort to oxycodone abuse. In addition to exposing the young person to continued harm, a failed attempt to get through oxycodone withdrawal can prompt feelings of guilt and shame, and can push a young person even deeper into the downward spiral of oxycodone abuse.

Thankfully, adolescents in Utah who need help ending their active abuse of oxycodone prior to starting oxycodone abuse rehab at Youth Care Treatment Center can get professional help via a process known as detoxification.

What Happens in Oxycodone Detox

Detoxification, or detox, is a medically supervised process that protects a young person from the danger and much of the discomfort of withdrawal. While in detox for oxycodone addiction, an adolescent or teen will receive personalized care from experienced professionals at a treatment center. Detox programs are safe environments in which adolescents can benefit from therapeutic and medical support while their bodies adjust to the absence of oxycodone.

Depending upon the specific detox program in which a young person receives care, they may work with doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, and other professionals. Some detox programs incorporate prescription medications to alleviate the potential distress of withdrawal, others emphasize therapy, and still other detox programs provide a combination of medications and therapy.

Detox programs also offer round-the-clock supervision, protection from harm, and security to ensure that an adolescent or teen does not return to oxycodone abuse prior to completing the process. When the young person successfully completes detox, they can then transition directly into residential or outpatient oxycodone abuse rehab.

Adolescents or teens in Utah who follow detox with residential treatment at our oxycodone abuse rehab center will be able to develop the skills and strategies that will empower them to continue on the path of lifelong recovery.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox for Oxycodone Addiction

There are many benefits to engaging in detox services as one of the first steps towards recovering from an oxycodone addiction. Some of these benefits can include the following:

  • Continuity: When an adolescent or teen finishes detox, they can then move directly into to the next level of treatment for their oxycodone addiction. The continuity of care increases the likelihood that the adolescent or teen will experience a successful rehab experience and will gain a strong footing within early recovery.
  • Safety: Experienced detox professionals at a treatment center are prepared to respond to any issues in a manner that protects their health and well being.
  • Security: Individuals will be unable to access substances of abuse while they are in detox, which eradicates the risk that they will give into their cravings and relapse.
  • Comfort: Medically supervised detox at a treatment center can lessen the more painful symptoms of withdrawal, which eases the strain on the bodies and minds of the young people who are receiving care.
  • Therapeutic support: In addition to supplying medications, detox professionals are able to help patients work through emotional pain through a number of therapeutic interventions. The skills achieved during detox can also be highly effective at the time of the treatment process, as well as after the individual has completed care and returned home.
  • Community: The many individuals in recovery throughout the world develop a closely knit community that often serves as a source of support for those who are recovering from oxycodone addiction. While in detox, an individual can start to make connections within this community and can uncover the value of offering and obtaining support from those who have endured similar challenges.

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At Youth Care Treatment Center in Utah, we realize the importance of making the choice to obtain detox at the beginning of one’s recovery from oxycodone addiction, and we are happy to refer young people and their families to effective detox programs prior to starting residential programming with us.

If you would like more information about detox services or any aspect of care at our oxycodone rehab center in Utah, please contact us at your convenience. A knowledgeable and friendly member of our team is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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