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At Youth Care, we know how important it is to have a strong community and resource to manage mental health disorders. Below are some resources to help young individuals manage the emotions they are feeling in a healthy manner so that positive coping skills can be developed.

The Value of Alateen

Alateen is a 12-Step program for young individuals who have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Even if the individual who was drinking has achieved sobriety or is no longer in their lives, Alateen is able to help teenagers effectively process the emotional and psychological effects that they have experienced as a result of the presence of alcoholism.

For many teenagers, the presence of alcoholism can have lasting consequences that impact their adult lives. Alateen is a valuable resource for these young individuals, as participating in this 12-Step programming can help them manage the emotions they are feeling in a healthy manner so that positive coping skills can be developed.

The Importance of Support Groups

Alateen, along with Al-anon and/or a teen AA support group, can be extremely important in the lives of teens who have been impacted by another’s drinking. Support groups like Alateen are based on the 12-Steps and allow all participants to share their experiences with alcoholism. This process allows participants to process their own emotions while learning from the experiences of others.  Here, personal qualities such as self-worth and self-esteem can be built up and individuals can learn the value of good self-care.

Alateen, like other support groups, offers a community for teenagers who are struggling with the presence of alcoholism in their lives. Here, teenagers come together and offer support and encouragement, as well as a shoulder to lean on, which is vital to anyone who is being exposed to alcoholism, regardless of age. Most importantly, those who turn to Alateen for support are able to offer that same support to others who need it.

Find Alateen Meetings in Utah

If you are a teenager who is looking for a community of others who can relate to what you are experiencing, Alateen can help.

To find meetings in your local area, please click here. Parents of teenagers who are in need of support can also visit this link to find meetings, as well as reach out to mental health professionals in the area who can provide additional resources like free family support groups and mental health support groups.

Marks of Quality Care
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I'm very thankful for the staff at Youth Care. Our son's therapist and his other counselors were fantastic. Everyone we dealt with was caring and very professional. They challenged our son just enough and knew when and how to encourage him and to push him just the right amount. If it wasn't for Youth Care, the chances are great that our son would have overdosed or be in jail by now.

– Melissa H.