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Ty McTurk, LCSW


Ty McTurk, LCSW, is a dedicated therapist with over 21 years’ experience in a variety of clinical settings, also certified in EDMR. She has extensive experience in acute care and working with adolescents/youth with autism spectrum disorders. Ty is also experienced in working with depressed/anxious clients, those struggling with addiction, self-harm, psychosis, and maladaptive relationships. “I do what I do because I have a passion for working with kids and their families. I enjoy watching kids and their families grow, learn from each other, and move in positive directions. Understanding that kids are the future; I want them to be able to transition into a healthy and balanced adult. I love to have fun, joke around, but be serious when I need to be. I try and be light and caring in my approach with others.”

Ty takes a “multi-system approach” to her work. She incorporates CBT to identify and challenge cognitive distortions that are supporting the dysfunction, positive psychology to help them recognize their strengths while also helping them better understand their vulnerabilities, and behavior shaping interventions to break unhealthy patterns. She is skilled at helping clients develop executive functioning skills, using solution focused therapy, DBT and humor -“remembering to laugh and enjoy life even during difficult circumstances.”  Ty’s colleagues describe her as “passionate about her work, always advocating for her clients” and “having a great sense of humor.”

Ty graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree and went on to earn her master’s degree at Portland State in clinical social work. She has been trained in CBT, DBT, solution focused therapy, crisis interventions and many more. In 2017 she was awarded ‘Therapist of the Year’ at Valley Mental Health.

When not at work she is a bit of a daredevil with hobbies such as canyoneering, skiing, mountain biking, hang-gliding, camping, and traveling. Ty has also participated in an archeological dig wherein she discovered human bones. She and her two children are often outside and take full advantage of the Utah landscape.

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Ty McTurk